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A creative innovator, branding strategist, and design expert with years of experience creating impactful visual solutions for various clients across numerous industry verticals.Sonu pairs a broad range of graphic design expertise with a deep understanding of the psychology behind design to create effective campaigns and corporate narratives.She is an expert in production design and asset creation for modern press.Sonu’s main skillsets are illustration, typography, User Experience (UX) and web design and Visual Effects. She has the ability to take complex data and present it in a clear, digestible way to audience.


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I hold a Bachelor degree in Arts from India followed with Diploma in Animation. Then i took two years of programe in Humber college Canada in Graphic Designing and VFX. Working for 8years i have good knowlegde. I have a very creative mind with the ability to think outside the box to come up with original and interesting designs that captures the viewer’s attention and holds it until the very end. I am self-motivated with the ability to work independently but I also do well when working as part of a team. I welcome constructive criticism and use this information to make improvements. I also have the ability to stay focused and calm when working on a tight schedule. I have a thorough knowledge of the computer software used in this profession and experience compositing that fit in perfectly with the theme. I also have the skills to create animated environments to look realistic and to match the script they go with. I understand the importance of placement and I have the ability to adjust color and to ensure the characters correspond with the action of each scene.

InDesign 90%
Illustrator 60%
VFX 80%
Adobe XD 50%
Web 70%

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